Fuel pressure sending unit problem


Sep 7, 2003
Rome, GA
Oil pressure sending unit problem

SORRY, LATE, TIRED: oil pressure NOT fuel pressure

Issue pertains to a Paxton Novi 1000 install but is specific to our model year:

-Oil pressure sending unit...all photos show it being on some sort of extension...well, mine is tight on the block. There is pretty much NO WAY to remove it because the "bolt/nut" part that I would turn with a wrench is too tight to the block and tons of things are in the way. That and the sender has broken off of the part that is threaded on. So, I guess I need a new sender...but how the hell do I get the old one off? And where would I find this "extension" I see the pressure sending unit on in both the Paxton installation manual and in an installation pic in a book for a oil pressure gauge?
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Time for a big easy out if the sender top has broken off & you can't wrench the hex base under the dome of the sender.

Most 5.0's have a hex shaped extension for the oil pressure sender. It isn't anything high tech, just a funny looking piece of 1/4" pipe with a female thread on one end and a male thread on the other. Your local auto parts store of Home Depot can supply any replacment fittings you need. I added a 1/4" pipe Tee to mine so I could run an extra line for a mechanical oil pressure gauge.
Sounds like the one like my truck had, plastic top...

You can get in there with a pair of pliers of channel locks if the metal base is till there, you'll be at an angle but it can be done.

Like Above you can buy the fittings you need to extend it out and tee extra things, or you can find a stock extention piece. (If I have one you can have it, I'll today I just got back)
Yeah, metal base is still there. I only had two adjustable wrenches and a smaller pair of pliers, so I'll add to my tool collection and buy something to get it off.

And yes, it was plastic topped, which is why it broke so easily.

Any clue on the size of the threading for the male and female ends of the pipe I'll be looking for? I'll take the Y fitting from the s/c assembly to make sure it all fits, but it would be nice to have an idea on the size to speed up the process.