Fuel Pump? Maybe?

Dan Ford

New Member
Apr 16, 2013
Ok, for a while now I've been noticing a high pitched whine coming from the fuel pump of my 1995 stang. I know that usually means its about to go out ,right? So the last few days its been taking forever to start and when it does it is not roaring to life as usual,rather sputtering to life. After that it would idle out and run fine,until today. Today I drove it about 40 miles to visit family. On the way down everything was fine. On the way back as I shifted through the gears I knew somthing was'nt right. It ran fine until the tach reached 2000 rpm then it would just choke down.the more throttle I gave it the more it would bog.
So my question is ,does this sound like a fuel pump going out or is this a whole new PIA altogether?
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