Funny Pic - Road Meat...


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Sep 5, 2002
Newport Beach
Saw this little death trap, I mean original Mini in our parking lot and had to take a picture...

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Ah, someone noticed the pic is reversed, very good!
I wanted the Mini on the left, as in he was talking first and the Mustang responding. I din't think anyone would notice the "TG" on the side of my car...
Funny thing is the Mini is actually RHD in real life.
That's pretty cool!
I know our cars are rather large. My dad has an '07 Miata which is slightly larger than the originals and it still pales in comparison to my Stang! To get a sense of how big these cars are, next time you're filling up at the pump, stand at the back corner and just stare down the body line to the very seems sooo far away for a newer two door car.