funny race

Haha I thought you all may find this funny too. I have a manual mustang gt vert with CAI 3.55 gears and underdrive pulleys (nothing major). My friends really dumb brother has been **** talking all week about his 1991 mercedes 300se (3650 pds v6 <180hp <200 ft/lb torque> thinks he can take my poor daily driver vert in a stoplight to stoplight race. He is so dumb as to put a 300$ wager on it. His slow merc is basically stock ive seen it and this kid thinks he has "blow off valves" indicating turbos... :rolleyes: Now a basically stock stang I know is slow but daum this kids merc is way slower. Well he wants to race tommorrow (i feel dumb racing in a stockish stang) but I think he needs to get taught a lesson or two :rlaugh:

p.s. before you get your panties tangled, im finding an abandoned street to race on, no fast and furious through traffic bs here.
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