FYI...wheel and tire fitment...


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Apr 8, 2001
North Atlanta
As some of you all read in a previous post, I bought a set of 17x8" bullet wheels for my 66 mustang. I bought them with 5.5" backspacing. I then ordered a 3/4" custom wheel adapter.

I KNOW that a 225/45/17 wheel/tire will fit in the front, but I was a little worried about the 245/45/17 nitto drag radials in the rear.

Well, I got my wheel spacers today and loosely bolted everything together. The nitto drag radials in the rear didnt rub the fender lips...and they are not rolled. The ONLY modification i have to my rear suspension are 1" lowering blocks. I have stock, worn out, 4 leaf leafsprings that I am replacing. The tires would probably rub cornering and going over a bumpy road...but I dont know.

I have to buy some new lugs because my old ones dont fit the new studs in the adapters. I will take pics and give some install tips tomorrow once i have all the parts!
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