Game Over...


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Dec 6, 2004
Well, I made a tough decision today. I had been running a for sale ad for my car in the local paper for a few days just to see if anyone would bite.

I wasnt 100% sure about selling the car so I set the price a little high.

Today I got a call from a guy who said if I still had the car I could unload it to him today for the price I was asking in cash.

I told him to come take a look and we will talk.

About 1 hour later I was shedding a tear as someone drove off with my car...:( I felt ok about it though. The guy was reaching middle age, knew alot about cars and could fallow every single thing I was explaining to him.

I was asking $8500 for a 2000 GT with 127k on it. It runs good and all but I really didnt think anyone would bite. I really need the money, so I figured it was time to bite the bullet.

I took all the performance parts off the car except for the K&N intake, 4.10's, Diablosport, and catback. In case I get back into the Mustang game.

Right now im working on getting some parts together to start working on my Jeep.

Ill be around, but I just want to say thanks to everyone that has helped me at Stangnet.

Gonna go cut myself now...:(
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Saleen, id shat myself if I owned a car as sick as yours... Id be afraid to drive it, lol.

A Terminator would be nice, but thats gonna have to wait a little while.
I sure do miss it allready... I can hear its exhaust in my head...

Good thing I have the keys in my hand though, and its parked in my driveway... and its still mine... and today is APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!

I couldnt bring myself to sell me car unless I hit ROCK bottom man... I love it...:nice: