Gear install QUESTIONS!!


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Dec 18, 2004
I am having my gears installed next week. My car still has less than 30k miles. Should I replace the bearings and all. I am pretty sure you guys will say yes but I just want to know for sure.

The gears are frpp 4.10s. I need to know the best and most cost effective place to get the install kit. Also what fluid and additive do I need? Please help....

My clutch will be installed at the same time. Another ? here.
Should I replace the throw out bearing and where to get it also..

Any other info you guys can give me to make the process go as smooth as possible would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU
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My car had 38000 miles on it when my gears was installed. I bought a bearing kit(can't remember where) for around $90.00. The guy who put the gears in said the bearings looked good. I had him replace them anyway. You'll also want to replace the throw out bearing with the new clutch. The stock one is a pieac of crap. Mine rattles alll the time. When I get tired of it I'll upgraed the clutch and throw out bearing. Whenever you do a clutch job, you replace all those pieces and have the flywheel turned. You don't want to back in there twice. Pearl02.
You don't have to replace the bearings with that mileage, but if you can afford the extra 100 bucks, why not. Saves you from doing it later.

Most aftermarket clutch kits(not all) come with the TOB with it. It should be replaced with the clutch.
the guy that installed mine told me to just buy the basic install kit that had the shims and a few other things. i got mine from gene evans ford for like $40. he said my bearings were fine and not to waste the money
at 30k I would not do my bearing unless there was noticable problem with them. I would use the royal purple rear diff fluid due to the price and ease of the modifier just being in it.

you might consider replacing the pinion seal just do to the fact of if that leaks down the road it sucks to have to reset the preload down the road. you will also need a shim kit.