Gear Lube T-5 Question

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If they know what they are doing, they should have put atf in - that is the only fluid for a T5. Do not put gear oil in it - it will make it difficult to shift - but I wouldn't think it would make vibrations/noise at high rpm. When I did my T5 fluid change, I asked the twits at NAPA what they recommended and they gave me gear oil - shifted way worse. Drained that out, and put in Redline D4 atf, and that worked like a charm.

Good luck

Easiest way is throught the shifter in the car. Take the shifter out, and loosten the 3/8 racheted upper tranny plug. The tranny should hold about 76 oz of fluid (2.7 qt.) total. If it already has some in it, pour fluid in it until it starts coming out the upper plug. Plug it back up, and put the shifter on and burn it up...
you can tell its low if you stick your finger in the fill hole and dont get any tranny fluid on your finger. that is...with the car if you jack it up, the entire car has to be in the air
Heh... Good idea asking this question man. My mechanic put 75w-90 gear lube in mine without any knowledge of it (I trust the man as a rule, he felt like a complete idiot) and I drove it for two months. Now 5th makes some weird noises and all the gears grinded a little. Thankfully I was able to swap that stuff out for some Dexron III and it shifts like a charm now, with no grinding or anything.

Your T5 will get nowhere NEAR hot enough to burn ATF. And if it is low, it will often make a high-pitched whine. There are two plugs, one to drain and one to fill. You could take the shifter out like Ourobos said, but we used a little hand-operated squeeze-type pump to fill it. It's a little messy but it jot the job done.
Ok, here goes:

Drain plug is right on the transmission, just look around and you'll see it. There are two plugs, one of them higher on the transmission than the other. Obviously the higher one is used for filling while the lower one is for draining. Do yourself a favor. Pull the fill plug off first to make sure you won't have any problems with stripping or anything. Because if you drain fluid and find out your fill plug is stripped or something, you're going to have to add fluid through the shifter. Some say this is easier, but I tend to disagree.

What you should do is this: Drain out the fluid. Put 3 quarts of automatic transmission fluid (Mercon V or Dexron III I believe) in, and button it back up. Drive the car a bit to get the fluid thoroughly warmed up and worked into the gears. Once you've done this sufficently (just a few minutes), drain THAT fluid out and put in another 3 quarts of clean ATF. Take it for a spin and I promise, if you had gear lube in before you'll notice a difference.

Good luck :D
ok, so i took off one of the plugs and the fluid was pretty full....according to my finger dipstick. it was red, which if i remember correctly is atf. After i put it back together i still am getting the noise. Now, would a different weight/kind of atf cause that? :shrug:

.....its always somethin :bang: :bang:

Hate to ask - is this noise/vibration coming from the 1st used tranny, or the second used tranny? (ref: your other post about the bill)

Doubtful that type of fluid would cause the problem; there are no different 'weights' available in atf that I'm aware of.