Gear ratio question


if she's a tranny then... well I'd do her.... it..
I'm looking into getting a stock 8.8 rear end out of a 1988 turbo coupe thunderbird .... what's the gear ratio ?????? :shrug:

Also, I had a link saved a few months ago about a page that explained how to figure out gear ratio on a rear end by attaching a string with a fishing lure weight to the drive shaft and rotating the tires.... any one know the site address?
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If the Turbo bird is a 5 speed than it is a 3.55 rear gear, the auto came with 3.73's.

For gear ration, if you look at the gears their are two numbers on the ring gear I believe, divide the bigger number by the smaller and that = gear ratio. With the cover on, put it in neutral and mark the tire. Turn the wheels one full rotation and count how many time the yoke turns within the one rotation of the tires. Thats the old school way I know.