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mg man

Jun 24, 2006
Trying to decide on gear ratio of 89 Mustang 2.3 turbo c-4 intercooled. Still has original 3.73 gears. Approx 3000 rpm at 55 to 60. needest to say not good on gas. This is daily driver for wife. Tire size p225/60r15. Shifting is between 3300 to 3700rpm. The way I read I need to stay under 3000 to stay out of when computer changes loop modes. Don't want to do this several times. Have done several search but most comments are for 5 speed or dragracing with a c-4. What do you recommend.
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Search on google for a gear ratio calculator...Then you can plug in your 1:1 trans gear, tire size, and different gear ratios to find one that creates a good rpm.

Most likely, you'll have to drop clear to a 3.08 or something if you want to be able to go 75-80 at under 3 grand...which will make the car dangerously slow.

BTW, it changes loop at about 2800rpm.
Thanks Stinger I found that calculator. But didn't know motor would do at differant gear ratio's. Thought changed at 3000 been reading Turboford I've been wrong before. I won't be running no 75-80 if I am I want care about fuel mileage. I was thinking of 3.08 but with your advice forget that. Would something around 3.27 or 3.45 be good? Wife drives speedlimit . We live within 5 miles of work and not too much out of town.New at the 2.3 t but trying to learn. Definitely has a learning curve.Thanks alot save from one gearchange and money. I respect your opion
Come on now...

According to this gear ratio calculator (tire diameter 25.6" according to an online tire size calculator): http://www.et-studios.com/motorsports/gears/gears.html

It says 3.27's will go 70mph @ 3 grand...with converter slip though it's probably closer to 65-67mph. It says 3.08's will go 74mph which is probably more like 70-72mph...

If it's turbo, it would be ok, if it's n/a...that's too much gear...