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Oct 22, 2003
Ok... this is somewhat of a gear question but ne ways here it goes: I purchased my 97' Cobra about 6 months ago from a wholesaler for a very good price especially for a car with only 35k miles on it. The guy knew nothing about the previous owner and what he had done except for the obvious exhaust (offroad H-pipe and dynomax mufflers). in the past 3 months I've been having a slight problem with erratic idle at cold start and constant stalling at cold start (it starts up VROOOOOOOM, goes down to blip blip blip *i wanna die* blip, goes back up to VROOOOOM, back down to blip blip blip *i wanna die* blip, goes back up to VROOOOOM, dies, I start it up again, same thing, eventually catches at normal idle and stays fine as long as I run it within 3 hour period of time without letting it sit to long). Now this problem has become obvious (it took the ford dealership telling my stupid ass) that the PCM is relearning everything every time i start the car up. Now the ford dealership says this is due to a bad PCM (makes sense) and that what causes the PCM to go bad is either A. a chip causing it to short out, or B. condensation inside the unit itself. To conclude I'm just wondering what exactly you need to put new gears into a modular, I'm assuming a chip or some sort of adjuster is necessary and this maybe what caused the problem and I just might have an aftermarket gear setting I never knew of or something else (my car has obviously been modified in the past) The car runs great and pulls nice when it's warmed up I'm just wondering where to go from here cuz I did order a new PCM but if I also have different gears in there replacing the PCM wont help much without also having the chip. I don't know too much about installing gears or whats required but it's all I can think of that would posses somebody to put a chip in my car everything else except for the exhaust is obviously stock. Help? Suggestions? :shrug:
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Jul 1, 2002
Chicago suburb
Changing the gears in your Cobra would have no effect in messing with the computer in your car (just make higher RPM's on the highway). As for your surging idle, try a search on IAC valves, sounds like this may be a possible problem.