getting new shocks and struts but one question


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Oct 25, 2003
im not spending a ton of money on them , i jus twant decent ones for the money so i was gonna get kyb, but i wor kat autozone and can get gabriel ones for alot cheaper with my discount. do you think these are as good or any better or worse then kyb? i am lowering my car and just want new shocks an struts so my car wont ride like complete crap but i can only afford one of these two. so which do you think i should go with?? thanks
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I think tokicos (Mach 1's) are better than kyb's. From my research, it appears that kyb's are the "cheap" way to go and aren't much better than stock replacements.

For non-adjustable I think it goes kind of like this from cheapest to most expensive:

Depending on how low your car is going to be, you'll want to make sure that your shocks/struts can match the spring rate and overall drop, if more than 1 3/4 inches.

I'm sure I've forgotten a major brand above, but that's what I've found to be the order of performance. It really depends on the whole setup. A KYB will never equal a set of Bilsteins or Koni's, but then that is overkill for many. Matching your setup is more important.

Good luck.