Getting Ready for the Track


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Mar 7, 2004
Well saturday is gonna be the Mach's debut at the track. I am very excited but still a little worried about the car overheating i replaced the thermo and flushed it out but still after about 7 miles or so it shuts down. On the bright side it will at least go down the 1320. I installed the stumpy subframe connectors they are great. traction bars go in before the race and i am gonna need them i laid about a 45 foot patch in front of my house and didn't really launch her that hard. Gonna have to figure something out cause the race is domestic VS imports and i would like to have a good showing don't really wanna go through having to admit i lost to a pepsi bottle.

Well wish me luck and if anyone has any ideas on the overheating hit me up

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My MII stay about 190 degrees...

Do you have the stock radiator?
What Temp Thermostat?
Is your water pump working?
When you flush your Cooling system is there a lot of crap in it?
When it overheats does it steam out of the radiator cap or are you just getting vapor lock?

If you give us a little more info we may be able to help you out!


BTW it looks as if we have about the same setup!
insanemach1 said:
I have the stock rad.
180 deg therm
no steam from rad when it overheats
I have to agree with Blue Thunder, I don't think you are getting circulation of your coolant.

I would first check to make sure you thermostat is in the right direction and then check the water pump. But after that, it is over my head so I will leave it to the experts here!
Originally Posted by Blue Thunder
If you installed the head gaskets backwards, the engine will overheat

1badII said:

That's actually a pretty common thing. The 5.0 gaskets are directional, but they fit on either way. If you put them on backwards, you block the coolant holes to the heads.
The Thremo was sticking and it wasn't even 3 days old.I knocked the center out and ran it that way. I didn't race in the Imports Vs Domestic race cause it would have been a waste of time but i did test and tune got 2 passes With a really bad miss a tired motor and not hooking up at the line ( traction bars never made it in we got drunk instead ) i ran a best of 17.45 :notnice: gonna do some work and tack her back in a couple of weeks. a 17 is bad i don't care what you drive. I did have fun racing anyways me and alot of my friends got to hang out like when we were in high school ah the good old days :D