Getting Some More Horses Out The Ol' 5.0


Aug 14, 2016
So guys, I have a few questions. So I have my 94 GT fixed from the MLPS sensor acting up on it. I put some new plugs, wires, cap and rotor, acel coil pack, shift kit and serviced the rest of the trans, including the sensor. I also have a CAI, a BBK off road Hpipe, flow master super 40's and 3.73 gears. But to be honest I have no idea how much I'm putting down to the rear wheels, I havn't had it on the dyno yet. But at WOT it gets up pretty quick. It's not tuned so I was thinking king about getting the SCT chip, but I was also wondering, realistically speaking, do you think the BBK 70mm TB would add any power to the wheels along with a set of MAC long tubes and the chip, and everything else put together? I mean I know it's gonna add some power but how much do you think we're talking? My goal is to eventually get the Trick Flow top end kit. The the heads, intake, cam, and the other essential parts. But if anybody knows a better place to get a top end kit, other than trick flow, I'd like to know. I want to keep my options open. I haven't decided yet on a turbo or supercharger because I've heard that the 302 block from those years (mines a 94) could only handle around 450HP. All in all guys I'm just asking for a little advice and knowledge
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I want to measure mine. It doesn't look that tall.
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Jul 6, 2006
Realistically I think you are putting around 210 to the ground. As far as squeezing more out of it, well you have two options. Boost it or buy the trick flow kit. An entry level SC kit will probably give you around 3-350 rwhp and the trick flow kit is good for a solid 300. It's kind of a pick your poison.


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Aug 27, 2012
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so you car probably put down 195rwhp stock. Now maybe another 10-15hp or so. A chip on a stock car is a waste of time. You can raise the timing and essentially achieve the same results. The 70MM TB is also a waste on a stock motor as your intake and heads are choke points. The best bang for your buck is a good NO2 system from Zex. It will add up to 125hp safely and your car will drive normal when you don't use it. It is a lot less stress on the motor than a blower, and the initial cost is a lot less. You also don't need a tune on an entry level kit, or you can get a switch chip with a stock and Nitrous tune on it. I would get it from Chirs Johnson or Mike Post. Total cost would be around $1000 or so vs. $3000 for a V3.. THe only thing you would want to add is a bigger fuel pump. an adjustable FPR, and colder plugs.. You may or may not need a CD ignition box depending if your spark blows out.
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