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Dec 26, 2006
Thomasville, ga
ok guys i have searched and looked in the stickies but cant find the answer. i have found a few threads where some guy is getting the run around about his flex plate. here is what i have and need. i have two differnet 351's one is an 1969 and the other is a 1985 and i have an AOD transmission. what flexplate do i need for the AOD? can anybody give me an exact answer? i know i need a 28oz 157 tooth flywheel for the 1969. but am not sure if thats the same for the 1985. can somebody please tell me what flexplate i need. the only ones i can find are for c-4's. please give me a year, make and model. any help is greatly appreciated.
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Nov 14, 2005
Nor*Cal (Vacaville)
what size convertor is used on the aod? if its 11" or smaller then most likely you need a 157 tooth. I dont have an aod but I beleive on the 85 the aod is the same bellhousing size as a c4 or t5 soa 157 would be what you want. the 164 tooth is common on C6 applications and ones with bigger convertors.


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Jul 7, 2006
Mebane NC
You need to find out the converter bolt hole size, 11 7/16, or 10 1/2. I found B&M part numbers for each and if it's the 11 7/16, you need part number 40232. It's a 164 tooth. If it's the 10 1/2, you need 50242. It's SFI approved and is 157 tooth. Both are 28 oz balance.