Go buy the new Muscle Mustang & Fast Ford magazine...SVO Dyno test...


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Jul 7, 2001
Shawnee, KS
Go buy the new Muscle Mustang & Fast Ford magazine, you'll find an SVO Dyno test with my dual exhaust setup as well as some parts from Forced4. They also installed my oil feed and return lines on the SVO. You gotta buy the issue so they keep running 2.3 articles. They don't "like" to do them as they are traditionally some of their slowest selling issues...us 2.3 guys buying them will help out though.

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I should be getting it in the mail, or maybe it's at home and they forgot to tell me. Glad to hear it.
EDIT: What's on the cover? The newest one I have has a red '03-'04 Cobra, and that's what MM&FF have on their website as the newest one. But I read that already and if it's in there I missed it.
im gonna get one as well..i do plan in the summer to write into MM&FF and see if they will run a article on my LX with the 2.3T motor in it...it should make upwards of around 400+hp sporting goodies from BO,Esslinger,racer walsh,40 bob,Stinger,Forced4 etc.....so if they except my article i will be sure to get great pictures of stinger SHINNY manifold.....:)
email MM&FF

Guys send them tons of email saying you want to see more articles like this. Or you may not see them again.

Lets here it for the writer. This is the first guy that didnt say " yank the 4 banger and put in a v8".
I didnt buy it, my friend saw the SVO article and bought it for me knowing Id be all over that article.

I found the SVO info interesting too. I did not know the reason that the 84's had sealed beams instead of halogen bulbs.

I was intrigued by the 60mm throttle body adapter. Doesnt the throttle body have to be recalibrated? Is there any reason why you couldnt bore out the adter plate and mount a 70mm throttle body? Sorry if this is common knowledge, Im new to EFI Stangs, all I've ever played with is carb turbo setups.

Nice to see your stuff in there Stinger, cant beat that sort of advertising :D
65ShelbyClone said:
I'll get the issue tomorrow, but it said that the flush-mounts didn't have gov't approval until '85, right?

No, it said that there was a shortage of aero headlight housings because demand for aero headlight housings was so great and the Lincolns got first priority so it was predicted there were not going to be any available for the SVO so they had to do a quick redesign to use sealed beams...or something like that.
Say what? No other Ford got the same headlights as the SVO, so I can't see how there would be a shortage. I'm not completely filled in on my SVO history, but if the 85.5 cars were sold as 86 models, that would back up the housings not being federally legal until late '85/early 86 model year. Honda didn't use flush mount headlights until '86 while '84-85 got recessed.....very reminiscent of the SVO actually.

In fact, the pre-production '84s SVOs had 85.5-86 style flush mounts.....:shrug:
I just got the mag yesterday and was very impressed. I wrote all the editors telling them how may have to switch my subcription from 5.0 to them if they keep up the 2.3 stuff. One of them wrote me back to day with this

Thanks Nick we're glad you liked it. I believe the SVO was sold recently,
but you may see one or two more stories about it. The staff here is about
divided down the middle, with half only appreciating V8 or larger engines
and the other half just likes anything that makes good power.

I've been thinking of doing a turbo notchback for a daily driver so i might
have to see if the boss will let that fly. I need something that gets good
gas mileage but that i don't have to be afraid to pull out in traffic with.

Steve Baur
Associate Editor
Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine

So mabe if you guys write him and tell him how much you all liked the svo then mabe there will be more 2.3to come! his email is [email protected]
Yeah, they already have some of the info and parts for a "part II" to the article, it's just a matter of getting them to run it. They sure as hell better...I donated alot of parts to them that haven't yet been mentioned.
Been Had

I went out and got the mag, good article, made me want to go shopping at forced 4, went to their site, found that article was a sponsord one. I read that to mean that it was no more than an infomercial. The V8 guys had to be bought to do an article on 2.3s. Oh well i still want those goodies. I am building an 86 notch (black w/red int) with the drivetrain from an 88 turbocoupe 5 spd. After i get it running and passed emisions i'm going on a bolt on spree.
"Sponsored" means nothing more than parts donated...that's how nearly EVERY article gets written for magazines...the parts are donated, the magazine guys use the parts and write an article about them...
I read that to mean that it was no more than an infomercial. The V8 guys had to be bought to do an article on 2.3s.

You've read the 5.0/4.6 articles too, right?

I got this issue too and I'm glad they did a 2.3 article, but I was still like "eh." It would be nice if they do the "part II" article or even throw in more advanced stuff later on.

Actually, that was the only reason I bought this issue. I really can't stand the rest of the whole rag. I have a handful of issues from a few years ago and they are almost exactly the same as the last two months(which are also similar), just with different cars. My $.02

I'll still shoot them an email saying I'd like to see more 2.3 stuff, though.
I guess your right; I always thought that the items that the writers were testing were bought by the mag. It takes the shine off of a lot of the glowing articles from over the years because I can’t tell if the writer chose the products for the projects because they were the best for that application, or because they were donated. I always thought that these guys were trying to show us the way, to spend their money, test an item, and let us learn from their mistakes, and experience. I still liked the article; I just have learned to look at these product demos with a skeptical eye from now on. Don’t think that I don’t still want the products, the sales job after all did work. I think that from now on if I want to get unvarnished feedback on a product I’ll ask in a forum, but ignore anyone that has a vested interest in the product selling,… no offense to part vendors you are doing us a great service making these power adders, and showing us the way to more power, but your financial interest may at times override your ability to provide honest feedback, I want to hear from the guy that plunked down his hard earned cash, and found out if the product worked, or not.