Going all out, im asking every question i got


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May 27, 2004
Sin City, NV
1) Door to window molding, how do you change it?
2) What weight gear lube goes in a T-5 (dumb question i know)
3) On my car, the previous owner put a saleen wing on it. For some reason, all of the wires going to the hatch are cut, do i need them? I assume one is defroster, another is brake light (but its empty), and the other two or three i have no idea.
4) Is there any place where i can get the wire clip that plugs into the Fog light/ headlight switch? For some reason it is broken
5) Can i get rid of my clutch safety switch, its kinda annoying sometimes?
6) Is is possible somehow make my 85mph speedo a 140mph w/ 3.73s? (Using the white face kit)
7) Really dumb question, is a 8.8" rear end a locker or limited slip?
8) Are the smoked tailights actually street legal? Do they light up red and white in rev.???
9) Is there anyway i can get rid of my stupid map light and fill the hole with something?
10) Why did ford have to make these F-Bodies w/ 4 lug patterns....that makes no sense. My '69 Mustang 6cyl had 4lugs :mad:
11) Hurst says they have a special thread pattern for their knobs, is it just metric or something?
12) Does anyone have a link where i can find a DYNO tester in Virginia? Around hampton, norfolk, virginia beach, suffolk? And how much should it cost?

Thanks for any help. Sorry for so many qs, i learned my '69 stang, now i g2 learn the '87.

Thanks again
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1. don't rember
2. T-5 do not use gear lube. They use regular auto trans fluid.
3. would not worrie about them if the car drives be happy. ;-)
4. try here http://www.stangparts.com
5. yes you can but I do not recomond it. Have seen a car take off with out it. It is a saftey device on the car so it will not just take off while in gear.
6. Not sure on this but I don't think it will read right.
7. It is a limited slip
8. no on legal.
9. yes a custom upholstery shop can make you a new headliner
10. 1 f-bodys are Camaros and Firebirds. We have a fox body and I have no clue why they did that.
1. Its riveted to the door
Must drill out rivets and use new ones to reinstall.
2. By law you must have a third brake light on that year mustang
5. My local track will not let you race a car without a neutral saftey switch.
9. I wish i had one of those stock map lights