Drivetrain Going from T5 to 1996 truck 4r70w 1989 GT


Nov 4, 2019
I want to keep this as simple as I can using mostly stock, on hand parts....1st., I had to clearance the shift tunnel directly near the T5's former location as the AT selector on a AT car already has this area clearances (Air muffler cutter w/ blunt end tool worked fine). I'm going to try to use the stock 1989 GT AT gear selector, if at all possible.....I'd like to NOT use a cable shift as was stock on the truck 4r70w. Just pondering here, I found several kits, cable and non cable. some are the hiem joint style. At worst, I'd have to adapt the stock 1989 shifter bottom arm to the hiem style by removing the stock ball end and drill a 1/4' hole for the bolt thru hiem end, then to a threaded rod with a similar end at the transmission's gear selector ... the cost is minimal compared to the after market kits.....Anyone done something similar???? Comments please
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Jan 4, 2018
Are you putting a manual valve body in it? If not, put an aod shifter in it w/cable. Let whatever is going to be controlling it take care of part/full throttle shifts via programming. All you'll have to do is move it from Park to Drive & back.


SN Certified Technician
Aug 8, 2003
If i'm reading this right (and I may not be, because it sounds confusing), you are taking the t5 out of your 89gt and putting in the auto from a truck?

Is there a reason you are doing this?


SN Certified Technician
Aug 8, 2003
New left knee and I'm tired of shifting @ age 78+....
Fair enough.
I dread the day.

I do think it may just be worth your time and money to just get a fox auto.
You could probably trade the T5 for one in good condition.


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Aug 9, 2019
San Diego Ca
I would go with a 4R70W from a 2000 ish Mustang with a 3.8 V6 they are plentiful, cheaper, and will bolt right up. The valve body calibration for a truck will be different that that of a Mustang. You'll need a stand alone controller to make it shift. You could McGuyver the linkage or use a stock mustang cable type. If you already have the truck tranny use it. I'm doing a 4R70W in my 62 Falcon and will be running a Baumann Engineering Quick 2 controller. Around $650 with the required harness.
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