Going with a pulley, do I have it all covered?


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Aug 31, 2003
Oly, WA
ok. this isint all in one shot, but im going with a pulley purchase today. the rest of the stuff will follow as the $ comes.

this is the current plan. x-cal 2, bf non-slip 2.93 pulley, belt, borrowing friends bf pulley puller, and then a dyno tune.

car will run on the canned tune for 1-2 days between install/dyno time. wont see any boost or aggressive driving either.

now my questions. idlers; i have pretty much read that 2.93 will work fine without any. i have not planned to purchase any. do you think this will be a problem? should i budget them in? no lower pulley or smaller rings are going to be added.

anything else? i looked into heat exchangers as well. i still may be purchasing a h/e down the line a bit, but i dont plan to add anymore power aside from the 2.93 and my bolt-ons. i want to keep the car reliable, i know the 2.93 is a middleground pretty much.

just looking for additional input. my tuner is very well known, i will be getting a really conservative tune as well. keeping timing down, no aggressive a/f (edited), ect.
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Looks like you've got everything covered pretty good! :nice:

I'd wait until you get the car dyno tuned and then you'll know FOR SURE if you are experiencing any belt slip. I doubt you will with that combo, but if you do you can always spring for a larger upper idler if need be.

As for the heat exchanger.... unless you plan on doing back to back drag strip runs on a regular basis all that HE is going to do for you is lighten your wallet. It DOES NOT make ANY HP/TQ.


on the h/e. yea, i was aware it didnt add any hp/tq. i just didnt want to risk any heat related issues with the heaton spinning faster. i have seen some guys do that as their first mod :shrug: i dont boost all that often, when i do, its not extended periods.

i pretty much do 0-60 runs. ocassional 20-80 freeway runs. just throwing everything out there as a possibility ive read people upgrade/exchange. i want to do this safely the first time.

i know my maf/injectors will be good for the 2.93. so i guess its just a matter of the x-cal, and tune money now. going to place an order for the pulley in a minute :nice:

thanks um
All an aftermarket HE will do for you is allow the intercooler to return back to a normal operating temp a little faster. Like I stated earlier, unless you plan on making multiple back-to-back 0-60 sprints or 20-80 freeway blasts you're just throwin' your money away.

ok, i wanted it as more of a safety mod. i dont think ive ever driven the car hard in any means back to back. so i should be plenty safe with the stock h/e.

i ordered my pulley yesterday. so now i just need to save my cash for the x-cal/dyno tune :nice:
The snub idler from BF is just a nice insurance policy against any bit of belt slip you may get. If you have the money I recommend it. As far as the HE goes, any type of mode to assist in keeping inlet temps down will be agood one. Like Meat said, it will not make any more power for ya, but it may prevent you loseing some of the power you are already making.:) There has not been any real test on the HE's to say if the bang for the buck is really worth it. Maybe just the piece of mind knowing it is helping with the heat is enough.:shrug: My .02:nice:
pulley, tuner, 74" belt are all ordered/here. dyno tune is scheduled for the 26th.

from there, ill be getting 4 idlers, and a 2# lower, ported eaton, heat exchanger. for now though, i think ill be safe with my driving habits on a stock h/e.

i never really rev it over 5k either, so i dont expect to see any belt slip. if i do, i guess ill deal with it later.