gonna paint my car myself


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Dec 7, 2004
im tired of the flames and gonna fix the big dent in the roof and a few other small problems with the body, iv got a 8 gallon 125psi air compressor, im gonna buy a gravity feed spray gun and the other supplies ill need. im undecided about the color i wanna go, im thinking i wanna stay with black but im also open to others colors as well...also whats a good paint to go with>?..i figure paint and supplies will run me about 600cdn depending on what i go with, i really like some of the house of kolor colours but i also know there hella $.....the work will be done in my double car garage also.heres some pix of my car now....also i think i wanna do a 2 stage job instead of a 1 stage b./c i think it leaves a deeper and cleaner finish...the paint on the car now was done by the previous owner in his garage and is a 1 stage job.




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Jan 15, 2002
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My freinds uncle is a bodyman/painter. He said that once you get the motion of the sprayer correct, it's really easy, just need patience. He said the true quality and how it comes out is in the prep work and the shine comes out in the wetsanding and buffing. Its the prep and sand/buffing that cost so much comming from a bodyshop, not the actual painting.
consistancy is the key to spraying the car... the same motion the same speed the same distance from the car and the same angle of the gun... practice on something you dont care about first and play with air pressure so you dont get runs.. you dont want too much paint. experiment!


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Apr 19, 1999
Kent Island, MD
70lightning said:
Get plastic or tarp up, try to make a both out of your garage, some well placed fans, and wetting the floor will help.
and the finish starts with the prep work.

:stupid: Good advice, but be sure to place furnace filters on any fans that are pulling air into the "booth" and if you have fans pushing air out, then make sure you have furnace filters where the air is getting sucked in. Wetting the floor keeps out a lot of the contaminents of the paint job.


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Jan 12, 2000
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Good luck. I have painted 4 or 5 cars over the years, the last being my old F150 back in 92. Single stage, sand and prime, no bodywork. To me this is the most tedious type of work, plus you need a place to keep the car after you start.

I have just spent the last week stripping the paint from my spare 82 hood, and reapplying the filler and sanding. Still have a day to go, at least for just the hood.... Everytime I get done for the day, I have to prime to keep the rust away. Doesn't seem like I will ever be ready to paint....


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Apr 10, 2003
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That compressor wont do it if you get an HVLP(high volume low pressure). And it might not with a conventional gun either. If you can, buy a good gun not a cheap sears or pepboys style. get a devillbis or sata(300-600 respectivcly). On a budget the new sharpe fx series guns work good. they run about 150 but not good for day in and day in use, Also there are hard to get parts for cause there new. Go with PPG on the paint. iTs the best. Go DCU2021 clear and 3 qts of DBC base. two gallons of DT series reducer and quart of DCX61 hardner. That'll run you about 600 US. Hope this helps. PM me if you have any other questions. I'm a work for PPG and will answer any questions you have. :nice:


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May 19, 2002
Prep, Prep, Prep and more Prep.

Like most of the guys have said the actual painting isn't all that hard once you get used to it. But if you don't get your prep right it will look like ass no matter how good you are at laying down color. 70Lightning and 89roadster are spot on when it comes to setting up your garage for painting. I have done it a few times and it came out great. Good luck and be patient.
I painted my kid's mazda B2200 with Wagner Finemist Sprayer (cheap HVLP) and it came out good.Their right about sanding and buffing part. I'd post a pic but my kid's already smashed every panel on it.But I painted yellow,a friend that is a bodyman that it hides alot.A couple of his buddies asked me about painting their cars,but no way it's alot of work and time.He asks about driving my stang,but I just laugh and say,"maybe in my funeral procesion". I'd never paint my Stang.