Good Shop that does porting near SE MA?


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Jan 31, 2002
Assonet, MA
Hey guys. I'm thinking about pulling my heads and the upper and lower intakes when my car is in the body shop and having them ported and polished. Does anyone know of somewhere in southeastern MA that does this type of stuff? I'm in Fall River, about 20 mins. from Providence RI. Also, how much would something like this cost on average? I'd be doing all the removal and installation by myself, so only the actual porting would need to be done by a shop. Maybe I'd get a valve job too. The heads were brand new when I got them, and they're only four months old on usage, maybe 2k miles. The valves are aftermarket and bigger already, so maybe I wouldn't need a valve job anyway. Let me know!
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Mid Cape Automotive Machine in Hyannis. Dave Eaton is the owner and Paul does all the mustang work. Pauls brother posts on this board HissingCobra. Ask him. They are both great to work with! They rebuilt my 94 last year and I had them do a bunch of work at the beg. of this summer also.
The only 2 actual places that do porting in the area that i know of are:

Andrew Jeffery (89lx on the corral) Jeffery's porting service,plymouth ma.I think he is also associated with all cape automotive which is a machine shop

The other place is EZ breatthin Cylinder heads in Franklin Ma. His name is louie and has a N/A BBF with stock heads that runs well into the 9's,hi 8's

Both these guys have cars they race, and have flow benchs so you can see your results

Pricing i would think would be 400+ i would be surprised if either guy didn't recomned a performance valve job, this time of year is very busy so make sure you contact them ahead and try and schedule it, its def not a a jiffy lube drive threw kinda thing

Good Luck :flag:

Good Luck