got 1100$ what first??


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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
ok i sold my old stang today, i got a grand total of 1100$ : 8/

ok my plans for my roller motor (which will dropped in after its built) are....

edel performer manifold (going carb with this motor)
holley 600 cfm carb
thumper heads
E, B or TFS stage 1 cam(need help deciding)
no ac, no smog
underdrive pullies

thats for the motor

now what i could do to my car now is

4.10 or 3.73 gears
2-2500 stall
semi manual valve body
tranny cooler

what should i spend my money on first? the car or the motor, i was considering getting thumpers heads now so i can get the big hump out of the way.( or should i get some cheaper gt40 irons to save money??) or spend it on gears and drivetrain.

or i was thinking, building the motor, keep same drivetrain, when i drop the motor in i want to see how much of an improvement i get then do the drivetrain. because if i do all this at once i wont be able to tell what is gear and what is motor.

any suggestions?!?!?
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As far as what's first....that's a tough call. Personally i went after my drivetrain before anything else, since a stock 5.0 is pretty fun as it is, and it's not hard to destroy a stock T5. Other than that, i would start with subframes, gears and a good shifter. Oh, and do yourself a favor AND save a little cash, and buy a Wieand Stealth instead of the Edel won't regret it!

Ok i missed the part about your car being an that case i'd go for a shift kit if you don't have one, and a stall with some 4.10 gears.
N8Miller said:
gears and stall converter would be done first with a nice shift kit if it was me....

I add I would go with 4.10 gear since it an AOD...depending on which cam you choose from your will need a TQ converter of 3000RPM advertised duration to hit your 2000-2500 actual RPM stall speed...