Got a Contour fan setup. Need info on how to bolt it up


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Dec 2, 2000
Lehigh Acres Fla.
Just bought a Contour dual electric fan plus wiring at the JY today. I'm looking for info on how I can attach this thing to my radiator. How did you guys do it? Where did you put your overfow tank? Yeah, I just realized there isn't a pace to mount it. What else do I need? Relay... fan controller? And where to get? Just wanna make sure I get this done right.

I noticed on the wire harness, there are multiple plugs. Two obviously (with green wire) that go to the fans, one that appears to go to a resistor and thermistor similar to whats in the interior duct blower, a larger connector with two green wires (assuming this is the main power input), and a few small connectors that look like they went to an assortment of vehicle sensors. There also appears to be a diode inline one of the wires. Is that used?
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I mounted mine with 2 Hayden part # 210 strap kits. i used some existing holes and drilled a few new ones. I also took vacuum hose and split it down the middle and ran it along the outer edge of the fan so it wouldn't gouge the radiator. I cut off all of the unnecessary wires and rerouted the harness to the bottom of the fans instead of the top where it was from the factory. I wires it up to a Hayden part # 3654 fan controller. It's capable of using both speeds. If you didn't know both fans are 2 speed. I left both fans wired together so they both came on at once. Hope this helps.

My buddy putting on the vacuum hose

Vacuum hose installed
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Fan mounted

Controller mounted
Interesting idea on the rubber hose. Never thought about that. So you just used large zip ties to strap it to the radiator?

Thanks for the MM&FF article greensvt. Is the Flexalite controller that they used any good, or is the Hayden one better? What did you do about your overfow tank? I noticed they used a small aluminum tank. Not sure if I want to go that route yet. Question, has anyone who did this mod ever been able to re-use their coolant level sensor that normaly gets mounted in the tank? Or should I just scrap that and deal with the light coming on? Thanks