Got some new parts for the mustang HELL YEA


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Jan 28, 2010
So i just bought a used Cobra vortech S- trim Supercharger to put on my 97 gt and a complete pi swap. Here are some pics. Also i was wondering if any one had instructions for installing the supercharger? Do yall see anything that i am missing to have a complete supercharger kit. I know im missing the intercooler, 96-98 gt supercharger bracket, 42lb intectors


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ha ha tax return ftw lol... i just did the samething kinda. installing a P1sc and supporting mods, belt, spark plugs, gauges, edlebrock intake, Long tubes, WOT BOX liftless shift with 2 step, 2 18x10 saleen wheels, 285/35/18 rear tires, electric water pump, HIDs and a other few minor things...
Holy hell. Your car when you get done is gonna be like going from a peddle tricycle to a F/A-18 Super Hornet. Looks good.

What are you going to do about the bump in compression? Just run low boost?

Yea most likely im trying to figure that one out know. I didnt have plains on buying a supercharger for a while but i can across a deal and couldnt pass it up. I paid $600 for the complete pi swap and another $600 for the supercharger. I still have to buy 42 lb injectors 255 fuel pump and some odd and end stuff from vortech.
Wow! Looking good but my only concern would be the bump in compression. But you'll probably be ok if you run a low amount of boost. I think you'll be very happy with the results.

Yea i talked to a local speed shop today about what i should do. They basically said it is a lose lose situation, because one gives me alot of compression (pi heads) and the other gives me low compression (supercharger) and i would not get the full effect of the super charger with having the pi heads bolted on so i got to figure out what to do. Im thinking off selling the complete pi kit and just buying some NPI Stage 2 comp cams or stage 2 HItech cams and bolting on the supercharger and running it at 12lb of boost. The Sn95 can handle up to 15lb of boost and the bottom end is rated up to 450 wrhp. I think with just cams in the NPI motor and the supercharger i would be close to 4oowrhp i eventualy want to be over 500 wrhp. Sorry for such a long theard.