Got the Junkyard Engine Torn Down, Pistons?


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Oct 10, 2001
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Well after my previous thread on the self destructing camshaft bearings (see previous post's photo), I picked out and dragged home a 5.0 EFI engine from the loacl pick and pull. As you can see from the photo I now have it torn down and ready to deliver to the machine shop where it will be rebuilt with ARP rod bolts and main studs. Qusetion is: Should I go with forged or hypereutectic pistons?

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in my opinion theres no question about it if you can afford the little extra cost throw the forged in will make ya feel more confident...what plans do u have for this engine now and realistically later?
forged or not

hey, this all depends on your budget and what kind of hp you want. if you want anything higher than 400 hp, or you are planning on running a supercharged or turbocharged motor i would definately go with the forged. the hypertetic can withstand quite a bit of horsepower, but it is much safer to go with forged especially if you have the money.
I really want the durability of a tough bottom end and like what the forged pistons have to offer in this area. On the flip side of the coin, the hypereutectic pistons offer great oil control and cylinder sealing. I don't think the engine will ever be supercharged, but nitrous could become a possibility.