Granada swap - 2" drop spindles or stock?

'66 coupe

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Aug 7, 2000
Lakeland, Fl.
I'm getting started to do my Granada disc conversion, and I have two options. I was given a brand new pair of 2" drop spindles, as well a used pair of stock Granada spindles.

The original plan was to use the 2" drop spindles(and the drop the rear 1"), but I'm starting to lean towards going with the stock spindles.
If I go with stock spindles, I can get a suspension/handling kit from NPD or Mustangs Plus, and not have to worry about the 1" their kits drop the front.

What would you all suggest?
Would a 2" drop require the fenders to be rolled?
I'm planning on using 16" rims. I think I heard that there may be an issue with the Granada swap and 16" rims...anyone know for sure?:shrug:

This is a 6-8 swap, so that's why I'm looking at buying a suspension kit.
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Well, I just put one of the stock spindles in the rim to see and the top of the spindle almost touches the rim. The rims are 16X7.5(the 5-star V6 rims from '99-'04), and I did do this w/o the rotor or spacer, so I still don't know.:shrug: If there is a problem the drop spindles look like they would fix it. But I'd really prefer to just use the stock spindles.
You are using late model wheels, it doesn't matter what spindle you use, you will need to use a spacer/adapter to use the wheels

Yea, I know. I just wanted to hear suggestions, experiences, or ideas before I spend money on spacers, and springs.
IE...If I can't use the wheels, I won't buy the spacers. If I have to use the drop spindles, I won't get drop springs.
just stack some washers behind the wheel to check fit without buying spacers. Of course you do NOT want to drive the car that way!!

But it should help you to determine whether it will work.
Where did you get the 2" drop spindles? Who makes them?

I got them from a friend who was moving. He gave brand new parts for a full Granada conversion, and two used assemblies that were torched off a car. This is how I have both stock and 2" drop spindles.
I don't know who exactly makes the drop spindles. One time I did a search on google and found them at some online store that sold hotrod parts; but I just looked and can't find it anymore.

just stack some washers behind the wheel to check fit without buying spacers. Of course you do NOT want to drive the car that way!!

But it should help you to determine whether it will work.

Yea, I'm starting to realize I'm just gonna have to try it and see since not many people have used the drop spindles.
It kinda sucks because
-If I use the drop spindles, I may have to roll the fenders
-If I use the stock spindles, the upper a-arm may hit the 16" wheel.
the only place currently making a drop spindle for granada based conversions is Fat Man Fabrication and i have heard bad things about their drop spindles from being brittle to horrid geomatry and other things as well. personally i'd use the stock spindles for now. Degins is working on a 1" drop (maybe 1.5" drop) based on the 70 drum spindle. last time he posted about it he said he thougt it would be available by late spring or so. so for now i'd use the stock spindles and the upgrade to one of Degins drop spindle when they become available later this year.
I think that's them.
I found this:
It looks similar to the one pictured that says, "57-64 Ford", except you can tell the top of that spindle won't mount to a Granada. So I must have the one's that are listed at $510 a pair. Wow.
I'll take some pics of them in a while a post them. The quality didn't look too bad to me.:shrug: I'm already leaning towards stock, this may have sealed it.
well like i said this onely what i've heard, i have no actual experience with them but i've heard enough bad stuff from enough different people that it would definitely make me a bit leery of them.

personally, i can't wait for Degin's new drop spindle to become available. i plan on using them on my next project and since a front disc brake swap is one of the first things on the list it would be really nice to the brakes and the drop spindles all at one timem, plus i'll be able to use a stock height spring and keep all the stock suspension travel but i'll probably use a 1" drop spring as well. ultimately i'd like to do a Global West coilover kit too and if i can sell the 69 GT for enough that and an Evolution 3 link will also be one of the first projects. if i don't get enough for the stang then i'll just do a stock style system with some Opentracker roller stuff, i've already got a set of his roller spring perches and i also have a TCP power rack ready to go on as well, so we'll see what happens but either way the drop spindles and some front discs From Degins will be going on.