Gt350 Live Presentation

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May 15, 2010
Any 2015 owners or those with cars on order sorry they didn't wait ?
Yes and no. Would I like to have this car? Yes.

Do I like having a car I can afford to insure and add a supercharger for over 700 hp and the insurance co is none the wiser? Absolutely

I like having the GT350's part list to pillage from. I think I will try to buy the rims from it and most definitely the rear Brembo's.

The car is sharp and I would rock it for sure but I am very happy for my 15' GT PP 50 year AP that I can custom to my own vision and not worry about depreciating the value of a "collector" car and like knowing even Geico's 15% ain't gonna help the cost of insuring it.

Just my 2¢



man bewbs please...
Mar 23, 2007
Pacific NW
You can skip ahead to about the 17:45 min point. The first 17 plus min. is just a blue Ford oval and crowd noise. Or skip ahead to the 24:30 point to get to where they actually unveil the GT350. My biggest point of interest is the comparison of the new GT350 to the Porsche GT3 and the fact that from the "A" pillar forward the car is all aluminum with unique body panels.
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