For Sale Gt350 Tremec 3160 6 Spd Trans


New Member
Nov 15, 2004
Kingman, AZ 86401
I just removed this transmission from my 2016 GT350 Tech package. Transmission has 6500 miles on it with no track days, burnouts, or missed shifts. This model is exclusive to the GT350 and not currently available for purchase to the public. Designed for road racing, it is plenty tough. Probably the best transmission offered from Ford to date. Light years ahead of the M82. The transmission is still wet with the oem fluid from the factory. Bolts up to any Coyote/modular Ford, may need a driveshaft change, depending on your application. Ratios are (1) 3.25, (2) 2.23, (3)1.61, (4)1.24, (5)1.00, (6) 0.63, (R) 2.95.

Below is a link for more information regarding the transmission if you do not already know about the specifics. A simple google search will result in plenty of reading material.

The transmission is available as follows:

Transmission/bellhousing: $2600 obo plus shipping. Trans located in Kingman, AZ, 86401.

Trans is all packed and ready for shipping in an original Ford trans shipping carton.
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