Gt40 Lower Egr Passage Q

David Pepiton

Active Member
Dec 17, 2011
Laveen, Arizona
so im looking to get a early production gt40 upper and lower for free just gotta help him clean up his yard and garage a bit (shouldn't take more then 4-5 hours since most of its trash)
anyways im wanting to keep the egr hooked up at least for the next few years until I don't have to go through emissions anymore.

so my question is what boss is it I need to drill through to hook up the egr? I have yet to find a picture anywhere online. any help will be appreciated.
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if you use the stock explorer heater tube you do not have to tap and drill the lower intake as it has both hard lines on it. If you use the Mustang tube, you need to tap and drill the boss on the passenger side rear that goes into the water jacket with a bung and a barbed nipple
You pretty much just need to drill and tap the one on the passenger side. 3/8" NPT i think. Confirm that though first