GT40P Heads Exhaust

Quick question because I couldn't find any straightforward answers.

I just swapped my heads over to the GT40P's out of a 1997 Explorer. I kept the headers that I had on my Mustang and now, even after flipping my plug wires around, I'm still constantly melting wires 4, 7, and 8 because of the bad clearance due to the different spark plug placement.

Does anyone know of a good set of headers that could solve this or should I just try to find another '97 Explorer and pull the headers off those?
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James K

Mar 5, 2019
Pittsburgh Pa
I’m running a set of cheap $100 headers off Jegs. All my plugs clear with a 45 degree boot. Only issue I’m having with them is I can’t get a dip stick tube back in because of the design. From what I’ve been told, any unequal length headers can work.


Well-Known Member
Feb 5, 2014
I have the FRPP ones made for the P heads, I bought them 4 years or so ago, when I started caching parts for my project, I just recently put them on when I put the motor in the car back before winter... unfortunately I believe they discontinued them.