Guy parting out his mustang, opinion on what to purchase

My 5.0 engine is mostly stock, just a b cam, and cobra upper/lower.

I basically have 2 choices (as my budget isn't enough for both).

Choice 1: Paxton Novi Renegade Supercharger with 15 and 25# pulleys (I'd use the 15 of course), 60# injectors, the MAF and TB (think they are 70mm, but they are matched and larger than my stockers). Only about 400 miles on all these parts, sat for a few years, around $3000 (still in talks).

Choice 2: Full Holley Systemax set, with the upper and lowers being fully ported and polished. I can probably get this at a good deal, but no word on price yet.

In terms of gain and reliability, what would be the better initial purchase?
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1k for a used set. I always start with 50% retail price for used stuff that does not come with a warranty unless they can prove to me why I should pay more.