H/C/I tune

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When getting a tune on a 5.0 with a H/C/I swap do you need a afpr or will the tune take care of the fuel pressure.

Depends :)

If you are getting a chip done, they most likely will work with the fuel tables
to adjust the af ratio.

If having a chip done, I'd not not get an afpr
Changing pressure after the chip is installed ......
can throw off what the Pro Tuner has done for you :bang:

btw ... the pcm knows nothing about fuel pressure
it doesn't have the ability to lower or raise it

Also if switching to 24# injectors can they be calibrated to the stock maf with the tune.

Thanks guys

Actually, its the other way around ..................

When talking about having a matched set of inj's and maf ...............
Its the maf that gets calibrated to the inj size

Now ... what really happens in this case of larger inj's & stock maf
As Long AS
Your combo doesn't produce enough airflow to peg the oem maf

You tell the pcm what size inj's you have moved to ;)

This method is WAY more accurate than ........

The Cheat Method the aftermarket maf manufacturers use where they send
false airflow values to the pcm to try and compensate for larger inj's with
the intent to negate the need for a tune.

Why is the pcm value change a better method of tuning :shrug:
The pcm knows two very important Accurate Facts :nice:
1) Real airflow from the maf
2) Real inj size being used

Hope that helps you see a bigger pic of how this stuff works :)
Just basic stuff really ......
You can see it in more depth on my site ... if you wanna learn about it ;)