H-Pipe or X-Pipe or Pro chamber

H-Pipe or X-Pipe or Pro chamber

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May 5, 2008
I'm planning on getting a new mid pipe for my long tubes and Mac 2 piece catback with 3 1/2in tips. What sounds the best and what would give me the most power. Thanks.
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There was a magazine dyno test a long time ago, a catted H vs. a catted X there was no real difference in hp.

The o/r X vs. the o/r H; X pipe beat it by 7hp.

I dont know if its really true, I'm just putting the info out there.
If you plan on keeping your car, don't buy the mac stuff.
Mac exhaust products just don't last. And yes, i know from experience.
Bassani or magnaflow. It costs more, but you'll only have to do it once
I know a few guys that have Mac products. They are a little better quality then they used to. I helped install all of the exhaust parts (mid-pipes and cat-backs), and they have no problems to date.

Lucky I guess...

I prefer the H-pipe sound.