Haneline vs JME gauges


May 8, 2003
San Diego
I have seen and heard great thing about the JME panels(with the exception of $$)but I haven't heard much of or seen the Haneline gauges in person. I was hoping someone here might have some input comparing these two. I know Haneline is almost half the price of the JME and other than the JME being billet aluminum I think it's hard to beat the $300-$400 savings. Any input or thoughts would be appreciated.
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the JME set up uses autometer gauges which adds to the cost, they also look a bit better. I havent used either but have seen both installed. The haneline set up doesnt have as much cool factor to it but it seems as though it gets the job done.
Like one2gamble said, i put it down to looks. I was gonna get the JME gauges but ended up going the other way with dakota digital gauges. I remember looking at the Haneline setup but it didn't have any wow factor there. I guess autometer guages have a better reputation then haneline though aswell.