Harmonic Balancer I-D-10T Error


10 Year Member
Jul 9, 2003
Lubbock Tx
So yeah, I'm dumb.

I am feeling a vibration in my engine when it's above 3000 RPM and I thought maybe it was the harmonic balancer because there is a light squeak in the front of the engine somewhere. My old engine was making the same sort of sound except it was much louder and was leaking out of the front seal due to an excessively worn harmonic balancer.

I checked the balancer and discovered a light film of oil on its face (fan side, not timing cover side). Warning bells go off in my head that it's leaking and screwed up, so I contacted the people at professional products who made the thing to find out if it could possibly be damaged after 426 miles of use.

They actually replied :)

Further they explained how their balancers are constructed.

Please note that all of our dampers are made with bonded with a high temperature elastomer compound and we never use any kind of liquid or fluid of any kind. We don't believe that you should have any concern with our damper unless you have any noticeable vibrations or harmonics.

So yeah, I feel like an idiot for contacting them now.

I now must conclude the squeak is likely due to one of my other belt driven devices, probably the power steering pump, and/or due to the fact that my transmission/driveshaft/pinion angle is not optimal. I'll just have to live with it.
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