harmonic balancer


Jan 15, 2000
whitehall pa
I've got a 75 mustang with a 302, what is so special about the harmonic balancer that non of the parts stores show a listing for it. The part # is d5ze-b2a.when I cross reference this at the damper doctor it comes back as a 351 windsor.Has anyone replaced theirs?:shrug:
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I think Welder is correct, IIRC the pointer for most 302s is on one side and ours is on the other.

And though there is more than one pointer is on the 'other side' I seem to remember they don't all point to the same spot.

That is IIRC. :shrug: Been a while.

Back in the day with Fords sloppy timing chain the pointer wasn't much use, it would only get the engine into the ball park.
If you can't get the exact dampener for your engine.....

Get what fits and make your own pointer.

Align No. 1 piston on top center and make a pointer that will point to "0" Deg.
Once you get the timing set you can remove the pointer if you like.

This is right in line with the MII way... You probably can't get it so you will have to make your own MII parts.:rolleyes:
Just about any 4 bolt balancer will work as long as you have it's matching pointer. There are only 3-4 combos up till the early 80s that Ford used, one being the 'casted in pointer' on the 289. Here's a pic I made a while ago with part numbers that I've found factory on the IIs.


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