Has anyone ever installed a rear main seal with any success (no leaks)?


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Sep 9, 2004
Guys, this is ridiculous. The time is coming for some new parts in the drivetrain. I'm on my 3rd rear main seal right now and it's leaking worse then I've ever seen yet. I've taken every step mentioned on any guide, or instructions to install a rear main seal with proper sealants etc... I came to the fact that theres always going to be a leak no matter what. But I'm wondering has anyone ever installed one and not had it leak (say a year later?). I'm questioning the teflon seals I'm using. Everyone lives by them but why are teflon seals so superior to rubber seals? So teflon can stop a bullet from going through your chest, but do they seal any better over rubber? And how so? I'm just not seeing why?

Anyway, if you installed one of these seals with out any problems of leaking down the road, please let me know exactly what you did, and what you used. Thanks!
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I've always gone the cheap route and replaced them with rubber ones when doing my clutch. Does yours leak immediately after replacing the seal? It may have worn a groove in the crank and require a sleeve to permanently repair it now.
hmm, i'll read into the sleeve, when I get ready to do it again. Mine doesn't leak immediatley after I put in the seal (at least that I can notice). But in about a month it will.

lol, i just realized now about the kevlar. I was reading about teflon earlier and they said they use it to make armor piercing bullets, so when I wrote it I guess I had bullet proof vests on my mind, haha.

Any other ideas? I noticed there are lots of different recommendations on what sealants to use on the seal? Just trying to find out the best way, and what works.
I replaced mine when I did the aode to T5 swap. I used a small amount of silicone sealer on each side of the seal. I've always done this to everyone that I do. Never had one leak once it was replaced.
I replaced mine 10k ago and its leak-free to date....Its the one the came in the FRPP full gasket kit....No silicone or nada....It did have the Teflon coating on the O.D. Long as no scoring is apparant on the crank journal you should be good to go...Maybe you have an issue in the PCV system??? and the oil's finding the easiest way out??

I think I'd be some pissed after 3 times...:bang:
I replaced my leaky one on my old 302 and it still leaked. My shortblock builder put one in on my new 347 and this one also leaks. Not terible but still after sitting over night there i usually a drop or two. Lame!