Engine Blue Smoke when leaving stop, help diagnose


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May 16, 2021
First time I’ve ever replied hopefully I did it correctly and no one gets upset. Anyways I have an 03 Gt, I’ve had this issue for I’d say 2 weeks. It happened after I installing the clutch, took me about a 2 weeks to get it done. That being said it was sitting for 2 weeks straight so maybe that’s why, I tested compression everything looked great. I replaced pcv and installed a oil catch can, to see if that would fix the issue hoping it isn’t valve seals. Oil level has stayed the same, I tried doing a synthetic bled. Now I’m confused because wouldn’t compression mean rings, and valve would cause oil consumption? If it’s not those two why does my car throw a could of blue smoke after accelerating from a stop. I’m getting ready to install cams/springs/ rockers, and valve seals. But if anyone has any other idea of what may be the issue I much rather wait than to just toss money at it.
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It could be the blend. High mileage engine may be burning more with synthetic. I would run it for a week or so. Then go back to slightly thicker dino oil. It's not always recommended, but I use STP oil treatment in my 302.