Have to replace rear main seal- Which one to go with?


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Jul 5, 2003
Lynwood, CA
Well, my rear main seal has to be replaced. Which is the best one to go with. I have searched and read good things about the fel-pro teflon lined seal and the ford seal. Please chime in with which one has worked for you, and also any tricks/tips on installing it so that it wont start leaking on me the next day...

Thanks, :flag:
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Fel-Pro or Ford is one in the same I believe. I got the FRPP full gasket set and its made by Fel-Pro..The rear main was Teflon coated...Went in slick, nothing funky...Has held up just fine...been in over a year not a drop of oil around it...
fwiw my seal was leaking so I replaced it with a teflon seat from napa and it still leaked. so I tore it back down and put a repair sleeve on crank and standard seal, I have no more leaky seal!!