Having trouble removing heater core


Jul 2, 2004
i removed the two bolts attached to the hvac case (connected to the metal bars) the self tapping screw at the bottom by the carpet, the two bolts inside the hood with the nice size washers on them and the two screws that are attach to the cover for the upper hvac case, nothing is moving i try to move it around ith my pry bar a bit and hard a snap (not good) but still nothing did i miss something?
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Put your head on the pass side floor and shine a flashlight straight forward. There's a nut you have to remove from a stud down there on the bottom against the firewall on the bottom of the HVAC.
where is the accumulator? i havent come across that in the articles i looked at (i might of over looked)

You probably removed the A/C dryer/accumulator nuts on the firewall under the hood. Usually the dryer has to be removed but you can also bend back the mounting ears to access the HVAC mounting nuts BEHIND it. There are two of them.
Got, problem was the the metal bar with the 2 screws in it retaining the hvac on the left side was somehow jammed on the bottom even though i removed the screw removed the top screw and it came right out
Do you really have to remove the whole darn dash in order to take out the heater core??? I can see the dang thing from the glove box and even under it

Last time I did one I did not take the dash out. I took it loose and worked from there. I will say it was a pain to get to every thing.
Wait... did you car originally come with A/C???

If not, it's a glove box insert swap for you.

On 87-93's? Are you sure? I've done two, which supposedly never came with A/C and I had to drop the dash on both. I have another one to do on my current car, which also didn't come with A/C and upon inspection looks like I have to drop that one too.
the way how the housing for the 87-93 compared to earlier foxes is alot nore time consuming because it doenst open the same way so you got to take the dash apart, i jsut got the dam thing out i swear the way its built its like they didnt want you to take it out, never had such a hard time trying to reach something felt like it was a gm
I ordered my '88 without A/C and although I don't have any problems with my heater core I want to be prepared for it.

Do you think I can get to the core without loosening or removing the dash? This runs counter to everything I have read.

Check to make sure. You can find out by just removing the glove box insert and looking to see what's behind it.

As mentioned above, the later years may not be setup like that. I cannot say for sure. My car is an A/C car. Word around town is that if it had not been an A/C car that core replacements are about a 15 min job through the glove box.

I'd thought that the HVAC setup would be the same all the way up to 93.