Header bolt torque spec

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I've always followed the "good 'n tight" method when tightening header bolts. The bolts toward the firewall and near the accessory brackets would probably be close to impossible to get a torque wrench on, so I've never bothered trying and just got them as tight as I could.
I've had great results starting with the center bolts and working my way to the outer bolts using the good and tight method as mentioned above, then retightening them every couple of days for a week after the install. My bolts stay tight and I haven't had to touch them for over two years now.
Nobody can accurately tell you how tight ................

Tight Is :rlaugh:
That is too ... Tight or Loose :D

At long distance and over these pooter screens :crazy:

Its kinda like finding zero lash .............
Its a show me thing ;)


Your basic objective is to ...................

Compress the gasket a bit
That amount is sufficient ;)

Some go too far beyond that point and do thread damage :fuss:
Very easy to do on Aluminum Heads I might add :bang:

Some believe ... more tight is necessary cause they've lost bolts
They then get involved with the above issues

Bottom line on header bolts is ... in most cases :D

If you put em in without some locking method .........
It is almost a certain bet ... They will back out :(

btw ... I've used simple lock washers for decades with success ;)
If you run Aluminum Heads ..........
I'd not do thread locker liquid as the material is easily damaged