Headers suggestion for auto w/Bassani X-pipe

Bubba Z.

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Apr 7, 2005
Tallahassee, FL
I'll be doing my PI swap in a few months on my '98 GT (auto) and was contemplating swapping out the stock headers as well. I have a Bassani x-pipe and cat back. I was going to get Bassani headers but I don't believe they make them for my year (manual only).

Any suggestions or anybody with a similar setup? Thanks in advance.
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BBK shorty headers work well for me. I have no complaints. I helped do a head swap on a 98 GT and we attached the FRPP shorty headers to the head before installing them back into the car. I think you could do the same with the BBK's.

Go hear on the details of how we did the PI head swap on a 98 auto GT vert.



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