Hello All


New Member
Apr 2, 2006
Hi I'm a noob with a dilemma.
I've got the chance to get my hands on a 95 cobra black on black without a motor or tranny. problem is i don't have the foggiest idea of which motor to go with any ideas would be helpful it is a 5spd car and i would like to leave it that way. i'm also opposed to anything carburated. fuel injection is the way to go i think. any help would be appreciated.
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Welcome to Stangnet! I am sure you will like it here.
I think you ended up in the wrong section?

I don't mean to be rude, I just think you will get a better response to your question in the 94-95 tech section.
This section (94-95 5.0 Tuning) is more for tuning the existing efi.

Another good section to check may be the 5.0 tech forum. They can answer any questions you have on the Windsow small blocks. If you are looking for info on the Modular motors then try the 4.6L forum.

Once you have picked a motor are ready to start looking into aftermarket tuners, this will be the forum you need.

Good Luck with the project