Hello from McDonough. GA


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Mar 28, 2020
I am a 30 year retired Air Force Veteran, I acquired a 1989 LX 5.0, WITH 96K original miles. The car was parked under a tree in my cousins yard, four long years. It was a mess and covered leaves, moss, bird crap, you name it. Long story. I had it trucked from CA, to GA, it would not pass emission the reason it was parked. I pulled the gas tank cleaned it out, installed new pump and sender unit. Repaired rat chewed wiring, installed new air filter, changed oil and radiator fluid. Squirted started fluid in filter after new battery. It started right up, no smoke, no unusual engine noise, valvetrain was quiet. It runs great, now I have to decide what I will do with it. I scrubbed it clean for three days and discovered decent blue paint. I have added 17x9 Bullet wheels, swapped to a five lug set up. I have purchased SN95 Spindles, 13" brakes, 11.65 for rear. The car is 0EM stock, has never been touched or modified yet. Where do I go from here, forgot to mention, I bought Cobra intake on Craigslist and complete exhaust system with Hooker Competition Plus headers, Flowmaster Mufflers, it's a 2,5 system, all for $60 , it's in very good shape. $50 for the Cobra intake. I am 65, not sure where do I go from here, I also own a ZO6 Corvette. Just wanted to share my story, I am a Chevy guy at heart, now I know why guys love the Foxbody and all Mustangs.

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