Hello From Wa 1965 Mustang


Jul 1, 2017
We have been working on our 1965 mustang for almost 2 years with problems with people saying they would restore it but never did any real work. We found someone who's heart and soul is restoring classic cars of all kinds so now we are able to drive it and enjoy it. We still have issues and hopefully a tip on here has enabled us to fix a problem with grounding as the gas gauge and lights in the dash don't work. I hope to suck a lot of info from you guys! Thanks Linda


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check back later..
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Jul 20, 2014
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Beautiful car :)
Take a look around the classics section-maybe turn this into a build thread with lots of pics and details and meet many like minded people. Oh, and Welcome to Stangnet

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There are several ground points on the wiring harness ,behind the instrument cluster ,behind the kick panels ,in the trunk near the filler neck and inside the headlight buckets . All fairly easy to get at .A wiring diagram will help you a lot .The gas tank may not have a good ground for the fuel gauge ,it simply grounds through the attaching screws inside the trunk and sometimes it will not get a good ground and may need a ground strap .


Jul 1, 2017
Thanks guys I think my hubby thinks he can check on it and hopefully we will be good to go! We had our first car show a couple of weeks ago and learned a lot! Our next one is next weekend! I am excited!!


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Aug 25, 2001
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Does your title imply you're from Washington? If so, consider making your way down to Southern Oregon sometime. Lots of good shows in this area and lots of nice people.


Jul 1, 2017
Yes we are from WA state. When we get more little kinks worked out we want to do more shows and I have a friend who goes to a lot of Oregon shows and says they are great and lots of nice people!
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