Help 66 rear suspension


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Feb 17, 2004
Anyone know why my drivers rear side is about 1.5 inches higher then the left? I bought it this way there is no evidence of accidents or repair. My passenger side leaf springs have one of those clamp assemblies that has a broken metal tab that clamps them together. COuld that be it? or could it be something else? I have air shocks with 1 port for charging them it is tee'ed off to the 2 shocks, they should self balance should they not?
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Aug 10, 2002
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If the springs are original, its common for them to sag at differing rates. The tab could be a factor.

Air shocks are a 1970s fad whose time has come and gone. I would remove them as soon as practicable...if you look at the upper shock mounting point, you will see that its just the car shell steel, through a small hole(s) with no reinforcing plate whatsoever (~14 gauge IIRC). This was never intended to take the weight of the cars back half, which is whats happening if you air up those shocks past the spring's load (which you ARE if you are compensating for saggy springs). I have seen the mounts ripped out by air shocks before.

Look into new springs and real shocks. They are quite reasonably priced nowadays.