Help.. 67 Mustang With Heidts Ifs And 351c


New Member
Feb 14, 2015
I'm new to this site so I hope I'm doing this right I'm working on a 67 mustang. I bought a Heidts IFS kit and installed it and did not do my home work before hand and didn't realize that a 351C will not fit. I have gotten my motor really close to where it looks right, and my hood will fit, ( I have the Eleanor hood) so that helped HUGE.
My dilemma is before building my motor mounts I need to know what degree the motor has to be at. 3 degrees or 0? Then how do I measure / Determine that?

Second with the Hedits kit I installed a rear sump pan and now my power steering rack wont fit I need to relocate it down about 5/8 of and inch is there a certain degree the rack has to be? or is cutting and moving the brackets for the steering rack an option?

Thanks to anyone for who can help. I will try to post pics.
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