HELP - Bolt found in the driver-side footwell!!!

Does anyone have, or can anyone get, a photo of where the gas pedal is hooked up to the back side of the footwell? I found a bolt in my footwell this morning. I think I know where it goes, but want to check. I can see the foot of three bolts, and there's a hole (just to the left of where the pedal connects to the 'body' of the main unit of the accelerator).

Pic would be helpful, or even just confirmation that there's a bolt head there (cos it'd be the only head just to the left of the pedal).

Thanks in advance!!!
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Well, I'm going to guess it's something from when the car was rebuilt after my accident. The repair job was second-rate, to say the least (I had to go back to get them to fix a bunch of stuff the shop messed up).

My big worry is, what else is hanging in by the last thread???