Help Cold Start Stalling


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Jun 18, 2015
I have a 2001 Mustang GT, when cold start occurs, and I simply let the engine warm up like normal, after doing so I put my car in drive ( yes its an auto, and when its put into drive, the rpm will change a bit ) so I get a loud droning noise from the front of the car, for about 10 seconds this noise will occur, and my rpms will rise a little over 1100, and then it will stall out completely, but then after i start it again, it will be a normal working car. I've checked my belt and all the accessories running from the belt, no sign of wearing at all. Ive had a mechanic look at it and they cant figure it out, I have a video of the noise to show you guys what I mean by it.

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Jun 18, 2015
I believe so, i mean it makes sense to me, same type of humming noise that others are talking about that has to deal with IAC system, I probably plan on just replacing all the air system by throttle bottle, getting a cold air, and new iac should just solve all the problems


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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
By chance did you remove that square box that is inline with the IAC bypass line?

Note, the purpose of that square box is to reduce resonance noise.
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