help diagnose my fog light issue..

Just put in my HID fogs and headlights about 6 months ago, and theyve been working great, but just yesterday i realized my fogs arent working. After some investigation i realized the bulbs are fine, and connections good...then i realized when i turn the car on, they flicker and turn on for a couple seconds, then shut off. any idea what the prob can be..?

thanks in advance
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pure shot in the dark here, but... Maybe the ballasts aren't getting enough oomph to get them sparked up. I'm not sure how to correct that other then new ballasts. Have you tried turning them off manually then turning them on again? If so what was the outcome?
Are you running relays or powering the ballasts through the foglamp pigtails?

I'm thinking you've overloaded the wiring and burned something out somewhere.

HID kits should really be operated off the battery using the OEM light connectors to trigger relays. They draw a LOT of power on startup.